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The positives a niche firm brings to its market

June 18, 2007

Been thinking for over a week on what should be the first post on this blog. I have gone from doing a whole Metaverse thing to targeting a big issue in staffing and ripping it apart. However, I think that the first post should be what a niche staffing firm should be responsible for. In a sense, what positives we need to bring to our market and be held responsible for them.

Let me just play my card here and say that I firmly believe that a niche staffing firm should create a better environment for its niche market then if it did not exist. Being a parasite and taking money from the industry should not be the only goal, in fact it should not be at the top of the list. Being a successful niche staffing firm will always be profitable, but focusing solely on profit is a dead end street. We must bring helping to a higher standard. We must hold ourselves to a standard of integrity and honor.

One benefit from coming out of the industry you decide to staff is that you have an appreciation for that industry and in my case a love for it. I was more or less born into a print family and have always and will always have ink in my blood. I am proud of the many great things print has given me. That passion and love made me want to give back, to create something that breeds quality, service, hope and efficiencies all into one nice little basket. For me it was a good way to start out a new life of niche staffing.

As one can assume staffing firms have two clients the client company and the client employee. Each are equally important to the staffing firm and each has their own unique challenges. Yet creating a winning situation for each and improving their experience is critical.

The client employee is what ultimately makes or breaks a niche firm. Since niche firms charge higher mark-ups it is key that each client employee be of a superior quality, more productive sooner and more readily available, thus making them a strategic and dependable resource. Yet to develop that pool of talent is anything but simple. A firm must have a profound respect for that person skills and perhaps even more importantly that the person will be relying on the staffing firm to provide them the needed work so they can not only keep their heads above water but to prosper. The client employee (Associate, talent, worker, temp, flex staffer….etc) should also feel that they are interacting with people that understand where they are coming from, what they do and that they have someone there to help them out should they need it. I can not tell you the number of times I have driven out to a work site and made sure my person onsite was okay and in a safe environment. If you have a great person and place them in a horrible situation you are obviously not thinking straight. There is a key balance that is required to succeed. Place tried and true people with new clients and when you introduce new talent to the pool you get the support of existing clients, have them help you qualify the pool. Ultimately it is in the best interests of the client companies to help a niche firm be successful.

The result of a niche firm must be profound, most show quantifiable impact that assist client companies and client employees in positive ways. To aim for any less is to not achieve the the balance and without question success needed by all. In niche staffing winning is not good enough, win win is not good enough only when a win win win situation has been achieved have you started on your way.

Brian Regan
Semper International

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