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Another Day and Another request for a Sales person

June 21, 2007

The usual request comes with a whole host of requirements-

-Must have a Book of Business!!!
-Must work on commissions -( as low a percentage as possible)
-Would rather not give a base if so then only for a few months at best
-No house accounts to be given
-The Fringe Benefits are very skant- IE Health, Dental etc –
– Expenses are mostly covered BUT the reporting requirements to get reimbursed! Are Very large!!

Funny, When you look at the description in writing, no wonder why the company cannot find anyone to take the position.
Some basics- If a sales representative has a Book why would they want to consider moving? What about non competes? In this day and age a better idea is to find an individual with the proper personality and train them into the role. We have found our most successful sales type placements come when client companies are willing to consider a flexible development plan. These plan’s take into consideration the market labor conditions and the need for business to compete to attract labor.

In order to be successful it is incredibly important look at investing in your core staff. Firms have little problem deciding to invest millions in plant and equipment yet have huge issues understanding that small investments in core staff can have a much higher positive impact on profits and faster. I understand that forming a good structure to implement a flexible development plan maybe a challenge – most worthwhile things are – but consider – A challenge is a barrier to entry – Which means if you do it then you have an advantage over your competitors.

Food For Thought

David Regan
Semper International

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