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Second Life and Jobster reflections from someone researching each

July 10, 2007

Been spending a fair amount of time researching Second Life as a recruitment vehicle. I must say it has been quite interesting. From hanging out at live music events, to posting help wanted ads on the in world search function. All in all the experience has been quite satisfying. At the same time I have been building up my Jobster network and using it to engage people in the recruitment industry for possible internal Semper positions. That experience has been some what rewarding as well.

Second Life has been a lot more engaging out of the two. The dynamic of walking up to someone and engaging them is a lot more powerful than simply exchanging contacts and sending an email or leaving a note. The SL experience is more real and a lot more immediate. However, an important note at this point, the Jobster contacts are a lot more serious about business at hand, whereas the SL people are more interested in having fun and hanging out and I can not forget dancing, dance is very important in SL.

The odd part of what I call “passive recruiting” in SL is that you actually gain a tremendous amount of insight on the person(s) you interact with and in some cases end up having new and interesting friends. My friends list has grown quite large through this process and many of these people I keep in contact with. Some have moved onto becoming either recruits or clients and yet other vendors. A vast majority have become friends.

In reading some of the comments being shared about recruiting in SL I still feel people are missing the mark. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, they talk about how people recruiting avatars to engage with corporate recruiters. Yet, the essence of the SL project should be to draw the people from SL and not simply bring interested parties to SL. This leaves the next part of the article ringing the most truth, SL is still being used as a PR machine. That these firms have yet to uncover how to properly interact with SL residence and thus us it as a tool to generate buzz. This is unfortunate as it seems a simple matter of having highly social tech savvy people staff SL and interact with the many residents.

Jobster did not quite live up to my expectations as much as I had hoped. However, I did come to realize that while it is not the best place to locate talent in general, it is a great place to uncover talent Semper may want to hire internally. See, Jobster is filled with people in the sales and recruitment industry amongst other things. What I was disappointed to uncover about its lack of reach in the general markets, I was pleasantly surprised to find and connect with people we could hire. In fact, I am in open dialog with quite a few people taht are interested in internal Semper International openings.

I am still researching both these tools, but feel both have uses for what Semper needs. SL drives creative talent, programmers and some marketing people and jobster connects us to recruiters and sales people. However, I must say, I certainly enjoy SL a lot more.

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