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Semper International uses Second Life for screening.

July 20, 2007

One of our Chicago recruiters took things to the next level this evening. She scheduled a mass presentation and prescreening event in Second Life. She targeted Boston and Chicago Game Developers we had received response from or had recruited ourselves and invited them to meet on our Island. They were the right group, game developers, designers and programmers would obviously have no issue with the interface and likely have the needed computers to handle it…she was right.

We had 20 people during the presentation and it went off quite well. We had a pre-scripted text presentation she simply cut and pasted into the dialog chat boxes and it worked perfectly. She had excellent control and everyones attention. We had her presenting, a person backing up things and managing what happened, a security person, an usher and another Semper recruiter.

We had two issues that the security person handled quickly. We had a good response and were able to cherry pick people from the group to interview in real life. We have confirmed interviews in Chicago at this time. It was an effective prescreening tool. You can tell a lot about a person from their ability to write and the types of questions they ask. By watching how they interacted with us and each other before and after the presentation we could really see what levels various people were at and even glimpses into the natural behaviors.

This was a good event for Semper, what we got from it was a sense of success, quality applicants and many notes on enhancements that will lead to much better presentations in the future.

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