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Print recruitment, we need a flow

July 25, 2007

There is a tremendous amount of buzz (as there needs to be) about the talent issue the Print industry is facing. There are many passionate people out there trying to create ways to address this. The general concensous is that it needs to be an industry wide effort and I agree with that logic.

I recently left the below post in response to this post found on the PrintCEO Blog. The specific blog post was titled Industry recruitment: why “cool” come-ons have a chilling effect.

At Semper International we are always encounting the effects of the lack of talent. While it is heartening to know that it is not just the print industry, we still need to focus resources and energy on getting our fair share of the talent supply.

My response.

I disagree in some ways with this post. While I agree that the industry needs solid, strong work ethic and bright people, it is rather arrogant to suggest that the attractiuon process be scoffed at in any creative form. The object is to create a buzz and gain excitemnt to create a pool of interested people.

Once you have a pool you can then thin it out based on skill requirments, work ethic and other primary needs of the industry. The object is not to create a situation where you scare most young people away before the industry is able to explain it self to them and dare I say RECRUIT the good ones. We need to make sure we have a healthy amount of talented young people in print related college courses and taking advantage of the scholarships that are out there.

The other issue that you did not address is the parents. It amazes me that printing people drive their own children away from the industry. I am proud of my print back ground and the values it has given me. I would not change it for anything. If anyone needs to be recruited to help its the parents. Your print executive many not be cool to the younger people, but they will sure resonate with the parents. Lets not forget them in this issue or its solutions. This issue not just about the young people coming in, but a multi-tiered approach.

Brian Regan
Semper International
Printing Jobs

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