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Recruiting and Second Life – Blog posts

August 6, 2007

Spent some time on Friday evening googling “Second Life” and Recruiting. Found some interesting discussions happening from around the world. Decided to share some of Semper’s experiences and how we look at using Second Life as a business tool and as a recruitment platform.


Brian Regan
Semper International

The first is from Fallon Planning. The actual blog post was rather short, but the people that posted responses had some good information. This is what I posted in response.

The issue as I see it that large corp’s just dont seem to want to put the effort into making the social networks work for them. I think they will put money into them and then jump out if it is not easily won success. Certainly they have their reasons and that is their call.

My firm Semper International is one of those first firms in, we were the first staffing firm in, although the big ones Like Kelly and Manpower are now saying they are.

These networks do work if you apply yourself to them and you develop the social side of it. We have been successful in Second Life in 3 primary ways.

1) We have extracted contractors out of SL and use them now.

2) We use it for Internal Semper training and communication.

3) We hold mass recruitment parties at our SIm and bring people into SL to prescreen them and pick the ones we want to interview in the RL. You can read more detail on our blog:

In the end, t takes a lot of people power and effort to message these things into a benefit. However, the next generation is going to be VERY adapted to this type of environment and that is something a lot of people need to understand.

I personally love SL for recruitment purposes.

The next Blog I hit was an HR consulting firm Engage. It was the third post of a three part serious on recruiting in SL.

First off I was flattered that they rightfully acknowledged Semper as the first one in and listed us at the beginning of the list in the first sentence, shows a lot of class. The write up on us was fair as well. They asked if any of the firms in SL wanted to comment, so I took that invitation.

I will respond.

Brian Regan from Semper International here.

I am loving SL as a part of our recruitment strategy. Sure being the first in was a cool PR thing, but we are not terribly interested in making PR posts about doing what we entered there to do.

The reality is that we use our SL presense for more than just recruiting residents out of SL. We actually bring a lot of new residents into SL for mass interviewing for our Video Game staffing division. This has been a great success in regards to mass pre-screening.

There has been a decent result in us extracting talent from SL and even more so, finding talented people for SL projects for us internally for non SL related things.

We tested voice last night and it was AWESOME, we plan on our first internal training seminar for our recruiters and sales force in the coming weeks, once the voice client is more stable.

In the end, we are making SL work for us. It is not a simple thing, but if you think it through and execute well you can make a very good well rounded situation for yourself.

True, some people should wait to enter. If your firm is not designed to be accustomed to change and adapt quicky it is likely better to let those of us that have entered learn and experiment and read our blogs or get the Recruiting in SL for dummies books etc.

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