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Semper International assists Second company into SL

September 10, 2007

The PIA/GATF build was a fun one for us. We learned quite a lot in its development from a flow standpoint. How to make it work well for people as they enter through the use of the roof top football game. Getting our hands around building a site with an association that services the graphic industry was a critical accomplishment.

All and all we are happy with this build and look forward to other small projects. Our focus is still on growing our own talentpool of people skilled in developing in SL and deploying them to the various large SL development firms, however, these side projects assist us in our understanding and also the development of our SL talent. I suppose you can look at it as a testing process for our dev team.

Brian Regan
Semper International

Printing Industries of America, Inc.
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
200 Deer Run Road
Sewickley, PA 15143
Phone: 412/741-6860
Fax: 412/741-2311

Web site:

News Release
For Immediate Release

Contact: Tony Vinski

PIA/GATF Announces the Grand Opening of its
New Virtual Building in Second Life

Pittsburgh, PA, September 10, 2007— PIA/GATF has entered the virtual world and is showing printers how they can benefit by doing the same. During Graph Expo in Chicago, IL September 9–12, PIA/GATF will introduce printers to its new virtual building within the realm of Second Life. Printers will be able to explore the PIA/GATF building and discover the opportunities available to them without having to make any commitments or financial investment.

Second Life is an Internet-based virtual world launched in 2003, developed by Linden Research, Inc., which gained international attention via mainstream news media in late 2006 and early 2007. Within it, printers are able to hold meetings, train employees, interview job applicants, promote themselves to hundreds of thousands of potential customers, and even sell virtual products and services for real money in the Second Life marketplace, which generates over $1 Million per month. The possibilities are endless.

PIA/GATF is still exploring all of the possibilities that this new world has to offer the printing industry. The world of Second Life is still being defined. As it develops, PIA/GATF is taking a leadership role for its membership by offering hands-on access to its building, development assistance, and general information and guidance.

Those interested in learning more about this emerging technology and how their business can become involved are invited to visit the PIA/GATF booth at Graph Expo on September 12 at 2:00 p.m. for a 15 minute walk-through demonstration of the new PIA/GATF virtual building, including a virtual store, meeting space, and even a field goal kicking game on the roof. Our building was created by Semper International LLC. Semper International is the first staffing company to open a Second Life employment office and is currently assisting companies in many ways as it pertains to Second Life. PIA/GATF is working with Semper International LLC to offer assistance to member printers interested in pursuing their own virtual business.


About PIA/GATF: PIA/GATF is the world’s largest graphic arts trade association representing an industry with more than 1.2 million employees. It serves the interests of more than 12,000 member companies. PIA/GATF, along with its affiliates, delivers products and services that enhance the growth, efficiency and profitability of its members and the industry through advocacy, education, research and technical information.

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