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Second Life and Google Lively – Want them to work together

July 13, 2008

After feeling left out for the last few days as I was on vacation and Google decided to launch Lively… I have been catching up this weekend.


There are some cool features to Lively and I see a lot of potential in this platform. Would like to be able to have more than one video playing in a room and be able to control when they play and stop, but I am sure those are going to be fixed soon enough. 


This VW is nothing like Second Life, not really in the same ball park. I would say at this point it is a great way to introduce a larger audience to virtual worlds and then they can graduate into the amazing world of Second Life or some of the other more powerful VW’s out there.


Really like how the avatar movement is done, very intuitive. In fact as I was bouncing between SL and Lively I kept wishing SL movement was the same as Lively’s.


Was driving home this morning and thought, why not have one of the projects I am working in SL connect to Lively?? Went home and tested out the concept, hoping the in SL browser would open lively (Would have also solved the Mac issue of no Lively option). 


So I made a prim, added the web link script and the URL to the room in Lively I wanted and……  NOPE, platform not supported. Only way to do it was have a separate browser open up which defeats the purpose a bit. 


Would be interesting if this concept did actually work at some point.

Click on image to see larger.



Not 100% sure how to leverage the two platforms together in one immersive experience, but have some ideas…….

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  1. July 16, 2008 9:04 am

    I like that you tried putting Lively in Second Life, I haven’t seen anyone try that anywhere else yet! Since Lively’s world are only websites, I don’t think it can compete with Second Life. But I agree with you it does have a lot of potential.


  1. Second Life and Google Lively - Want them to work together « Printalution Project

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