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Personalized print content/news/editorials

January 22, 2009

Things that seem relevant and important to keep an eye out for or create.


First is the ability to print content that is relevant to you and unique to you. Personalized news and information delivered daily.  The ability to pick and choose interesting topics as well as selecting editors/content providers I am interested in hearing view points from.


The important question would be:

a)     Would I pay for this service?

b)    Why not just read it from a website?


I believe the answer to the both questions is YES. There are many points in a day where I just don’t want to or can’t whip out a laptop to read content. The ability to have paper in my laptop bag to read is very appealing and even more so when it is personalized content. Paying for this personalized information is worthwhile as it condenses my habitual reading into a single source.


Just my $.02



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