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Flexible Staffing explained

May 13, 2009

These days we’ve been hearing a lot of:


“I’m not hiring.  I definitely don’t need temps.” 

“I’m trying to keep my payroll costs down!”

“We just laid off a bunch of staff.  We don’t need your services now.”

“We ran an ad for that position and got over 500 resumes”


In all of the above scenarios, a quality flexible staffing firm could not only simplify the life of the contact, but also increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization, and help keep costs low during an economic period where the bottom line is everything!




Here is how flexible staffing works:


We offer 4 services to meet your staffing needs.



(Temp) We charge an hourly bill rate.  You bring our employee in for as many or as few hours as your production dictates.  Good for production overflow, employee leave coverage, production coverage during employee search, etc.  This service is particularly useful during economic downturns or for organizations with lean payroll models.  Keep your core staff, those few people that are a must, that you invested time and money in training and developing. Run on a lean payroll of just your core.  During times of low production, your payroll cost is also low.  During times of high production, bring in our flex team to cover the overage.  You have successfully changed a traditionally fixed business cost into a variable cost, allowing you more control over what you spend during different business cycles.


Flex can always and at any time become a Flex-to-hire.  So if you fall in love with the person…



  1. Once, and if, you decide to hire, there is a conversion fee based on employee’s base annual salary and time spent as a temp.  Also useful when you would like to hire a full-time candidate but aren’t 100% sure production will continue at its current level.  Keep the candidate flex until your doubts are dispelled, providing more security for you, the employee, and the organization!



Pay rolling:  

Similar to Flex-to-Hire except this time YOU found the candidate.  Say you meet 

  1. Nice huh? Additionally, payrolling could be used to manage your own freelance or contract staff.  No more headaches of adding people temporarily to your payroll or worrying about 1099 employees.  Drop them on our payroll, we’ll handle everything! Payrolling is generally done at a 40% mark up.



Direct Hire:  

  1. Our fee is generally a percentage of the employee’s base annual salary.


Ok, that being said…There’s more!  


Bill rates include:  

Unemployment costs, workman’s compensation, payroll, recruitment, screening, taxes, and our EXTENSIVE LIABILITY INSURANCE!  I know you don’t want to let any schmoe near your equipment.  We’ve got the insurance to cover any mishaps to your press or work in case a schmoe gets by, however unlikely!!


Trial Guarantee:  

I frown upon client interviews.  We’ve interviewed them.  Why do you have to do it again?  That’s why you pay us!  So, bring the guy in for his first day of work.  While under our liability insurance umbrella, see what he can do.  If within the first two hours you realize this guy doesn’t know a press from a broom handle, send him home…NO CHARGE.  However, if you discover he is the dynamo we say he is, you got yourself a guy without having to wait through an interview process.  Production continues…life is grand.


Semper offers these services to our clients, but if you have an existing relationship with an agency be sure you are taken full advantage of all the benefits they can offer you.


PIA member? Ask about our member discount programs!


By working together to find a solution to best fit the need of your organization, Semper can prove to be a valuable partner during these times. In difficult times, it is essential we all work together for the good of the industry, its companies, and its workers.


If you would like to see who is available, please visit or call 877-377-4687 and speak to a local placement coordinator.  Whether you have a need today or want to plan for the future, we look forward to serving you!

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