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The more noise social media creates the more clarity print provides.

June 29, 2009

Received a “Thank You” card in the mail last week that excited me. Please check out the brief video I made in regards to it.


My excitement spilled over into adding it as a discussion point I had with varies print industry people. Many of them also agreed it had some potential. As Social Media (SM) grows it becomes harder and harder to keep up with and filter out the noise that it generates. In fact at this point the noise of SM is at a roar level. That simple Thank You card coupled with SM had a very profound impact and most importantly, it made me LOOK at the website and possibly become a buyer on that site.

Sitting in Dallas last week with Joe Polanco from PIA-MidAmerica helped further expand on this SM noise. By the time we finished 2 beers and a nice conversation the tag line “The more noise social media creates the more clarity print provides” had been formed.

Dont get me wrong I am a huge fan of SM and think it is an extremely valuable tool in many ways. It is the combining of the two that I find interesting. It is similar to how I look at things like Google AdWords. The first few results in a search doesnt mean legitimacy in my mind, it can also mean someone that is good at getting top rankings for key words, but otherwise not having much value. Thus as many people do, I look at the paid for advertising as a solid option.

The coupling of the two mediums is a strong fit. What better way to filter out the noise than to receive a card in response to something connected with on SM. In fact it is a barrier of entry as the printed piece costs a small amount of money to send and thus acts a good filter from spammers and others that just use free communication tools aggressively, but have a product that has no value or limited value.

Better filters will certainly come soon for SM and like all things the adaptation of the new tools will need to be assessed and relooking at the value proposition of print will need to happen.


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  1. June 30, 2009 6:22 pm


    As a party of that Dallas conversation, I couldn’t agree more. Yes, I’m still a novice to SM, but I can see how print can play a complimentary role (rather than being substituted or becoming irrelavent) in today’s complex world of communications.

    One has to embrace the change and accept that visual communications is no longer just about print — it’s a much bigger and differnet world. Thanks for thoughts and clarity!

  2. asbillseesit permalink
    July 31, 2009 10:28 pm


    A most appreciated post Brian. As a print professional of over 25 years, and currently searching for my next gig, I have been delving deep into the realm of SM. I do find that it is a valuable medium that can and will benefit all that learn how best to make use of it.

    But your point is well taken, and timely, as I had just finished a post to my blog on the same subject. I would love to hear any further thoughts you might have.

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