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Do successful people have a different outlook and energy than others…?

January 28, 2010

It has been said that successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t. Likely, you find this to be true in your own organization. Your top producers do the unpleasant tasks that the lower ranked employees put off.

One of the differences between the 2 groups is entrepreneurial thinking. The top producing people see opportunities where others just see work.

One way to keep the group focused on opportunity is to stay focused on the goal and reward milestones. Don’t focus on the tasks, which are more likely to be perceived as work. Also, consider what motivates individual employees when thinking about rewards.

When designing a rewards program don’t forget to discuss it with your CPA. The IRS has very strict regulations about taxing the value of employee gifts and rewards. Ensure that you are not offering a single prize for one winner or even the top 5 winners. Award a prize to anyone who achieves a goal or milestone that is geared to achieve your company’s overall goals. Increase the sales from each person by a certain percent, your high producer will make it and beyond, but so will the other people. At the very least, the lower producers will not laugh off the contest thinking “So and so will win this so why try.”

There are a lot of traits attributed to entrepreneurs that are valued in a corporate environment. Lets look at these definition of an entrepreneur proposed by Paul DiMasi of the Global development research center with a corporate twist:

· Self confident and multi-skilled. The person with the skills and vision to create a new enterprise is also the salesman who can run with a new product or break in to a new territory.

· Confident in the face of difficulties and discouraging circumstances.

· Innovative skills. He or she builds on the company’s basic sales message to bring the product to a new audience.

· Results-orientated. To be successful requires the drive that only comes from setting goals and targets and getting pleasure from achieving them.

· A risk-taker. To succeed means taking measured risks. Successful people feel empowered to take risks and make decisions on their own.

· Total commitment. Hard work, energy and single-mindedness are essential elements in the profile of a successful person.

One mistake many companies make is to reward their top producers with a promotion to management. This is often a bad idea. The emphasis of management is structure, policies, procedures and the bottom line, that is profitability. The skills that allowed the employee to be successful aren’t the skills required to be an effective manager.

Management requires different mind set and skill set. Be sure you are hiring, recruiting and promoting the right type of individual for the job. Many companies accomplish this with personality testing.

Encourage your top producers to build on the skills that got them where they are. Reward them for thinking innovatively. Play up to their natural desire to get results with effective rewards.

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  1. February 16, 2010 1:45 pm

    Successful people possess positive and energetic personality and work dynamics. They are risk takers….. based upon their skills, abilities, and hunches which, when viewing via 20/20 hindsight, have proven fruitful for reaching staffing and project goals.Successful people have failed many times, yet have chosen to re-assesss and re-visit the challenges with a new outlook and/or methodologies until they succeed.
    Success= Ability+Preparation+Timing.

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