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Waves to small press position… We had some great times

May 29, 2010

Back in the 1995 our company (PressTemps) was born. It started with the idea to help companies find the needed skilled people and press operators the ability to find part time and temporary work that paid well and matched their skill sets. At first the majority of press jobs we filled were for small offset presses such as AB Dick, Itek, Ryobi, Hamada, and others. Over time we grew into staffing all sorts of positions in the industry and now today we staff printing, interactive media and design.

Through all the years and all the economic cycles we always had small press operators out in the field. Never did a week go by and I did not see sales on our financials in the small press area. I had seen Strippers come and go and be replaced with digital prepress people and premedia people. I have witnessed docutechs change the printing landscape and yet we always had small press sales.

Last month as we reviewed our numbers I noted that for the first time since we opened in 1995 there were no sales on the small press line. It had a rather interesting emotional affect on me. Granted I had been born and raised in this industry and ran a variety of small presses for many years, so this felt like the closing of a chapter. Granted I know there are many companies that still have small presses and need operators, but there are fewer of them and under more pressure than ever before.

While I hope that we see more sales in the small press area, I feel that last month I waved a hand in farewell to the position that helped define the concept of our company. Sure, we have many new types of positions we staff now such as digital print, web developers, app developers and so on, but the small press position will always have a place of honor in our companies history.

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