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iPads and the tablet world is just starting… Don’t jump the gun

June 27, 2010

This article is premature in my opinion. There are many factors at play with the iPads/Tablets and publishing. To point out the first forays into it and their missing elements seems a wasted effort. Anyone that has the slightest spark of a clue and a bit of creativity can see without problem the vast opportunities that this things will bring. From adding more interactivity and social media elements to a more enriched type of advertising. These first steps are just the beginning.

Another thing to consider is the speed of change. Getting people from how their read magazines now to a new way should be a progression that you walk the vast population done a sort of path to change. It too fast it will not have enough impact to work on the numbers needed for a sustained change. Do it just right and it will open up the doors to a new way of viewing content.

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