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Why bother with an employee training manual?

October 15, 2010

New employee orientation is the key to creating loyalty in new hires. Your new hire training should prepare them to be the best they can at their new jobs. Training isn’t a one-shot deal; it should be ongoing. Why do you need a job training manual? Here are three good reasons:

1) As a small business owner, you have a lot of info in our head. But what happens if you are out on a much needed vacation? Who knows what you know? Its SCARY for you to be the only one who knows how to run your business. A training manual serves as a reference to all your staff. If your procedures are written down; you can be out on client calls, trade shows or away from the office and your processes can still happen.

2) Having a training manual instills confidence in new hires. When you are new to a job,  everything feels chaotic. Having all the new information in one place relieves some of that new job tension.

3) When you train your new people, you want them to focus on the task at at hand, not on note-taking. Having a comprehensive guide will allow then to focus on the task, not the notes.  Everyone has different learning styles. Some of us learn by doing. Others learn by listening or by watching. Written training materials will serve as a back up for those you learn by doing and help these who learn by reading.

Creating quality training materials is an investment of time, but definitely worth it.


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