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4th Quarter Industry Insight Survey 2012

November 7, 2012

Our Thoughts to those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. 

The busy season is here. Many had a tough third quarter as the overall economy slowed in June and July through about mid-August. The afterburners kicked on about the time the Fed eased in September. We had a mini-slowdown the two weeks after Columbus Day weekend but things seem back on track currently. 

The election as I write this is one week away. Status quo or change is anyone’s guess. Maybe the people at Time magazine have an idea, as last election I received my copy in the mail announcing Obama won the morning after the election closed. One way or the other interesting times ahead. 

Frankly, I could do less with interesting and more just plain steady and growing. We added a special question to this survey regarding the personal cost in managing through these economic times. Some interesting results to share. 

We appreciate your support over the last years for the survey and hope it is a help. 

Let’s get to the survey.


To access the survey: CLICK HERE

Dave Regan 
CEO Semper

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