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Job loss isn’t just in print, its everywhere!

April 5, 2013

Was sent an email today with a link to “10 of the worst jobs of the future”. There were a number related directly to the printing industry. My thoughts on it are found below.

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Brian Regan 

I can not see many industries or job types that have a bright future. Looking at healthcare workers and energy workers and the eco system surrounding those industries as a few of the areas that will see growth.

Imagine being a bank worker were now your job either goes away or is off-shored as the personal touch is replaced by the video touch. 

Or in this case any worker. As we see the relentless push to increase profit and reduce head count. Mind you UTC is just the example, many companies are doing what UTC is doing.

And the soaring cost of workers is crushing. And to date the Affordable Care Act has not hit or been fully realized. Most people I speak with have no clue how the affordable care act works or will impact their companies. I am seeing our larger clients start to increase use of temp workers and decrease hiring as they want to decrease head count in preparation for the changes coming. You will also see companies look at their work force and decide what types of workers are ones they can work part time (30 or under hours a week) to avoid parts of the Affordable care act.

Looking at the cost of workers is tough. The extension of unemployment from 28 weeks to 99 is rearing its head. Business are now paying for that extension in a large way. I am paying many thousands of dollars more per week for unemployment than I was last year. It is incredible.

In conclusion, while print certainly has its challenges, it is a much bigger issue than our industry and it makes sense that we make sure and understanding that Print is not a negative in and on to itself, but an overall shift is happening in the worker company paradigm. 

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