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Thank you for your thoughts and well wishes!

April 17, 2013
Over the last days, the sheer number of people and companies checking in with us is completely 
amazing and unexpected  – We Thank You.
At this time we are still unable to access our Corporate Headquarters and the Boston Office.
We posted the following on Facebook the other day and will update that information source.
Yes, these are very tough times. We are doing everything we can to help our local communiity and people recover. One way you can help is even a small donation to this fund – it was set up by the Mayor of Boston and the Govenor of the State. We have.
The following is the information we shared after the event:
As many are aware Semper’s HQ is located a short distance from todays terrible cowardly events. NO STAFF was injured.
The authorities have compelled we evacuate our HQ and Local office. This could be for 24 hours from the time of the heinous acts.
We ask- Please be patient if you have issues you need answers too till things settle and we can figure out how to deal with each request. This type of event is new to everyone here.
This was a very traumatic incident. Those of us in Boston saw many injured and broken people. Being close to an event like this is MUCH different then seeing it on TV. The Marathon is and will be again all about healthy people, families and people supporting people. 
To see the Marathon so violated and the people so damaged – hard to explain. So we ask our outer offices, our clients and external staff to understand we will work very hard to provide the usual excellent level of service you are used to.
We realize we still need to do our jobs and take care of each other and people that count on us. I ask the Boston Teams and HQ STAFF (in fact, all of you) to take a breath, hug your loved ones, rejoice in life and family. Remember that fear is not a way to live life.
After the senseless attack many of use joined in a huge BIG HUG a Group HUG, that is what life is about. 
Hate and Violence are NOT THE ANSWER.
United We Stand
Semper and Semper PT
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